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Spanish gourmet


Prophit Place is the first b2b online distribution for the business market (restaurants, delicatessen stores and hotels). Prophit Place is focused on bringing the best Spanish premium food products in an easy and efficient way through one single click.


Currently, either by the type of product or because of the amount of product you are looking for the products marketed by Prophit Place are not easy to find on the market.

Managing a temperature controlled shipping abroad is a waste of time and a very high effort (calls, emails, specific knowledge, languages, law, regulation, etc.)

Furthermore, the selection of the products currently available on the Internet does not meet the requirements of haute cuisine and they are also spread across different websites.

How do we solve it out?

Enter in our website and enjoy of a select portfolio of high quality handmade products.

Prophit Place only offers products that achieve excellence, because of their artisanal production processes or the shortage of raw material, for ensuring the utmost high quality standards...

Place Prophit simplifies the current purchasing process. In 5 clicks you can execute a purchase order.

Prophit Place is a platform designed by professionals, for professionals. We know that time is money for our customers, and to this end Prophit Place is improving every day in order to deliver your orders as fast as possible.

A premium product requires a platform and a quality of service at the same level. The platform has a dynamic pallet which calculates in real time the remaining percentage of the pallet to help customers to process purchases in a most efficient way.

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